Monday, April 23, 2012

"Original Disney"

Now excuse this post, it's a bit of a rant, but the main point is advice. Also this one is for the people who know people that are affected by all the negative people of Disney. 

THEIR EVERYWHERE! The Tweeters or Bloggers that say that they don't like Disney because it's changed so much. There are some things that I have to agree with (I mean seriously what's the reason to take away Timekeeper or Horizons?!?!?) but there are points when it becomes too much. If you see a blog that you know is popular, and they are complaining that Disney has become a "money making lame-house" you are going to have one part of you that rolls your eyes, but there is going to be another part of you that has to agree, and if you let that negative part of you win more than a few times, you're going to become a negative person!! My advice, DON'T READ THAT STUFF!! Once or twice is fine to see some Disney news is great, but try your best to stay away from the negative stuff you stay away from the negative stuff on Facebook, stay away from it on the blogs/

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