Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For the teens: Yawn!

Okay, this post is for you teens! And parents, there will be a paragraph for you too. This is a little bit different from what I was planning on posting but it is an important thing, I will let you know why in a little. This post is directed at teens who finally have decided to give into loving the Disney Magic or always have, but their parents... not so much.

Imagine it, or maybe you don't because you've experienced it, you are sitting at the pool at Bay Lake Towers waiting for your mom to finish talking to her new bff, and you're really getting bored they've been talking for hours! And all you want to do is head over to the Magic Kingdom to finish your hunt for all of the Hidden Mickeys but your mom won't let you leave the resort, but you're allowed to walk around. What do you do, I mean seriously the place has the word  Towers in it, how much could there really be there? More than you think actually. If you didn't look up the resort before you came you don't know that there is an arcade there now that's a little 5th grade, but it's super fun. You can also just walk around, if your in a peaceful type of mood  there are plenty of places to just walk around and people watch. You can also walk over to the Contemporary and do some mouse-tasic shopping!

Okay, now it's the parents turn. You just met this lady that's your age, you have so much in common! Both of your husbands spend their free time hunting and golfing, both of you have an evil mother-in-law that could rival Malifacent and both of you have teenagers that are bugging you! What do you do? You don't want them to leave the resort, I understand, parents can be protective of their children and that's okay. But something my mom told me (Thanks mom, you helped create this!) is that even if you meet your new best friend you came here on a family vacation. So my advice, tell your new bff that you should all do something together! It would be a great chance for your teen to get to know their teen and everyone could get to do something!

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