Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Okay. I absolutely hate negative posts but this is a must. Why are a lot of people in the Disney World fandom so negative? It's all "Epcot sucks." or "Oh Hollywood Studios, you are horrible." I don't get it! Didn't Walt Disney say that Epcot will always be changing? And yes, HS is not one of the best parks but it isn't as miserable as you say it is. I understand that it isn't all pixie dust and rainbows but really! And Epcot isn't in it's Golden Days now but it isn't a "Money sucking IQ dropping stupid black hole" as a lot of you imply.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fashion Star!

Just today, the queen bought me new clothes, a princess can never have too many of those! And I thought that's what todays post needed to be about! There are so many styles out there ranging from punk rock to pretty pink princess!(One of my personal favorites!) I think that everyone's style needs to be different than, say, your best friend. Create your own style! Pink Punk Rock Princess! Whatever you want it to be! Although my favorite style is defiantly Disney World Park Wear!  

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


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Welcome to my Kingdom!

Hi there!  I'm your average everyday Disney Princess! I love Disney, Twitter, and well...being a princess! Being a princess is hard work! So I'm going to use this blog to talk about all of my favorite things, posting a daily picture, and a quote of the day! I may also rant, provide Disney World Park info, and all sorts of things! I also love animation, and Pixar! 

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"Laughter is America's most important export."  -Walt Disney

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's raining!

The bad weather my area is currently experiencing made me think about this. This is a topic that is very important with the FL summer storms coming up.

Okay, you just got off Space Mountain to find that it's pouring rain! It wasn't like this when you got in line 55 minutes ago!  Your teen  rolls their eyes and says "We just finished the last ride that's not pooping rainbows. Let's go Jersey Shore is about to come on". But there are still so many things that YOU want to do! You don't wanna leave your teen at the resort but you don't wanna leave! What do you do?

My advice: Put your foot down, buy some ponchos and keep moving, your teen might complain at first but wait  till you get them on Dumbo in the rain! If you go on some of the outside rides that are usually great to sleep on in the rain, it's  a whole new experience that is totally worth remembering. Try it out!  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For the teens: Yawn!

Okay, this post is for you teens! And parents, there will be a paragraph for you too. This is a little bit different from what I was planning on posting but it is an important thing, I will let you know why in a little. This post is directed at teens who finally have decided to give into loving the Disney Magic or always have, but their parents... not so much.

Imagine it, or maybe you don't because you've experienced it, you are sitting at the pool at Bay Lake Towers waiting for your mom to finish talking to her new bff, and you're really getting bored they've been talking for hours! And all you want to do is head over to the Magic Kingdom to finish your hunt for all of the Hidden Mickeys but your mom won't let you leave the resort, but you're allowed to walk around. What do you do, I mean seriously the place has the word  Towers in it, how much could there really be there? More than you think actually. If you didn't look up the resort before you came you don't know that there is an arcade there now that's a little 5th grade, but it's super fun. You can also just walk around, if your in a peaceful type of mood  there are plenty of places to just walk around and people watch. You can also walk over to the Contemporary and do some mouse-tasic shopping!

Okay, now it's the parents turn. You just met this lady that's your age, you have so much in common! Both of your husbands spend their free time hunting and golfing, both of you have an evil mother-in-law that could rival Malifacent and both of you have teenagers that are bugging you! What do you do? You don't want them to leave the resort, I understand, parents can be protective of their children and that's okay. But something my mom told me (Thanks mom, you helped create this!) is that even if you meet your new best friend you came here on a family vacation. So my advice, tell your new bff that you should all do something together! It would be a great chance for your teen to get to know their teen and everyone could get to do something!

Monday, April 23, 2012

"Original Disney"

Now excuse this post, it's a bit of a rant, but the main point is advice. Also this one is for the people who know people that are affected by all the negative people of Disney. 

THEIR EVERYWHERE! The Tweeters or Bloggers that say that they don't like Disney because it's changed so much. There are some things that I have to agree with (I mean seriously what's the reason to take away Timekeeper or Horizons?!?!?) but there are points when it becomes too much. If you see a blog that you know is popular, and they are complaining that Disney has become a "money making lame-house" you are going to have one part of you that rolls your eyes, but there is going to be another part of you that has to agree, and if you let that negative part of you win more than a few times, you're going to become a negative person!! My advice, DON'T READ THAT STUFF!! Once or twice is fine to see some Disney news is great, but try your best to stay away from the negative stuff you stay away from the negative stuff on Facebook, stay away from it on the blogs/