Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's raining!

The bad weather my area is currently experiencing made me think about this. This is a topic that is very important with the FL summer storms coming up.

Okay, you just got off Space Mountain to find that it's pouring rain! It wasn't like this when you got in line 55 minutes ago!  Your teen  rolls their eyes and says "We just finished the last ride that's not pooping rainbows. Let's go Jersey Shore is about to come on". But there are still so many things that YOU want to do! You don't wanna leave your teen at the resort but you don't wanna leave! What do you do?

My advice: Put your foot down, buy some ponchos and keep moving, your teen might complain at first but wait  till you get them on Dumbo in the rain! If you go on some of the outside rides that are usually great to sleep on in the rain, it's  a whole new experience that is totally worth remembering. Try it out!  

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